Directorate of Technical Education, Maharashtra State
तंत्र शिक्षण संचालनालय, महाराष्ट्र राज्य

Circulars/Office Orders List

Sr. No.NotificationPublish Date
1.Programmer Transfers Office Order31/05/2018
2.Librarian Transfers Office Order31/05/2018
3.IInd shift Diploma Remuneration remark15/05/2018
4.Circular PLA/IRG Approval to Expenses (Vikas Nidhi) Dt.25/04/201827/04/2018
5.Promotion of Digital Payment in Technical's Institutions Dt.23/04/201823/04/2018
6.Desk - 9 Plan Grant Distribution Order 2018-19 Dt 23/04/2018 23/04/2018
7.Group B regarding Transfer Letter dt 18 April 1818/04/2018
8.Office Suptt. Final Seniority List Dt.10/04/2018 (Mumbai)17/04/2018
9.Head clerk Temporary Seniority List Dt.10/04/2018(Mumbai)17/04/2018
10.Core Advisory Committee for Quality Improvement of Technical Education in the State13/04/2018
11.List of Documents Required for Admissions in Various Programmes under Technical Education Dt. 15/01/201809/04/2018
12.Circular about Prevention to Students from Suicide 05/03/2018.06/03/2018
13.????????? ?????????? ???????????? ?????? ???????????????? ??????????? ?????? ? ??????????? ????????????? ?????? ???? ???? ?????????? ??????? ???????? ????????????08/02/2018
14.As per AICTE Norms - Regional Division Representative appointment ( Expert Technician/Industrialist/ Teaching Expert) on Panel of Institute.31/01/2018
15.Representative from DTE in Selection Procedure of Institute for Teaching Faculty31/01/2018
16.Correspondence with Regional office /DTE Institute should mention Dte Code along with Letter 31/01/2018
17.Permission to B.pharmacy institute to use Spirit / Alcohol in LAB.31/01/2018
18.Circular PLA guidelines from Desk1409/01/2018
19.Circular regarding Conduct of A,B.C,D Category wise File listing for desk.22/12/2017
20.Circular regarding provide Exam Hall facility to MPSC Examinations from Institutes under DTE21/12/2017
21.Circular regarding Conduct of the Legal Affairs of the Govt. 198407/12/2017
22.Circular of MHT-CET for students 2018-201908/08/2017
23.Procedure to be adopted by Institutions for Admissions to various professional technical Courses 2017-18 (04.08.2017)04/08/2017
24.Cancellation of Admission due to non submission of Caste Validity Certificate (19 July 2017)19/07/2017
25.Information of RTI Officer in Directorate29/11/2016
26.Circular regarding accept Fees as per Shikshan Shulka Samiti Maharashtra State08/09/2016
27.Circular regarding counselling amount not getting to candidates26/10/2015

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