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Accordingly, a Right to Information Cell has been established at Directorate of Technical Education, Maharashtra State, Mumbai.Public Information Officers

Sr. No. Important Subjects of the Desk Desk No. Telephone Information Officer Appealing Officer
1 Confidential 1 68597421 Administrative Officer Jt. Director
 2 Approval to institutes running Degree and Post Graduate Degree Courses. Administrative issues of Un-aided Degree and Post Graduate Degree Institutes  2  68597402  Assistant Director Deputy Director 
 3 Degree and Post Graduate Degree Admissions and Approval of their Merit Lists  2A  68597422   Assistant Director  Deputy Director 
 4 Information Technology Development Cell   68597403 System Manager   Deputy Director 
 5 Establishment and Administration related issues of Teaching and Administrative Officers working in Government and Government-Aided Degree and Post Graduate Degree Institutes 4 68597404  Administrative Officer   Deputy Director 
 6  Establishment and Administration related issues of Teaching Officers working in Government and Government-Aided Diploma Institutes  4A 68597424  Administrative Officer   Deputy Director  
 7 Pension Cases, Pay Fixation and other Administrative Issues 68597405  Administrative Officer    Deputy Director   
 8 Accounts Section - All issues related passing of bill 68597406  Accounts Officer  Deputy Director    
 9 Issues related to Grant given to Non-Government Aided Institutes  68597407  Administrative Officer     Deputy Director    
10   Pension Cases and Medical Bills of Non-Government Aided Institutes   8 68597408   Accounts Officer Deputy Director 
11  Issues related to Planning under Annual Plan  9 68597409   Assistant Director Deputy Director 
12  Approval for Diploma Institutes, Diploma Admissions and Establishment related issues of Un-adided Institutes  10  68597410   Assistant Director Training and Placement Officer 
13  Purchase and Training related issues 11 68597411  Inspector  Deputy Director 
14  Establishment and Administration related issues of Group-C and Group-D Employees 12  68597412  Assistant Director   Deputy Director 
15  Registry Section and Maintenance of Old Records 13  68597413  Assistant Director Deputy Director  
16  Verification of Stores and Audit Para  14  68597414 Chief Accounts Officer   Deputy Director
17  Non-plan Budget, E.B.C. Concession to Un-aided Institutes and Distribution of Government Institutes  15  68597415  Chief Accounts Officer   Deputy Director
18 Administrative issues of Diploma level Group-C and Group-D Employees and Other Miscellaneous Issues 16  68597416    Assistant Director Deputy Director 
19  T.E.Q.I.P.  17  68597419  Deputy Director  Joint Director 
 20 Minority Scholarship  18  68597486  System Analyst  Training and Placement Officer 
 21 Quality Cell  19  68597461  Deputy Director   Joint Director  

RTI Act | माहिती अधिकार अधिनियम |GR for Right of Information GR No.:2007/L.No.31/Est.-2(Dt.29 Feb 2007)

Documents under 4(1)(b):- DTE (Head Office)

RTI 17 Column Information

माहिती अधिकार अन्वये 17 मुद्द्यांची माहिती